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Wi-Fi Water 0,5Lx12pcs

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Natural drinking Wi-Fi Water originates in the heart of Russia, in an ecologically clean area of the Kostroma region. The spring is unique in that the water is naturally saturated with oxygen due to the infiltration of atmospheric water that occurs in the aeration zone of the underground source. Under the force of gravity oxygen rich water through layers of rocks enters the aquifer of underground water and through a spring comes to the surface of the earth. This product has no analogues in Russia, because the oxygen water produced in other regions is artificially saturated with oxygen.

Wi-Fi water has an increased natural oxygen content (16-20 mg / l) exceeding 4-5 times the oxygen content in artesian water, which is confirmed by the conclusion based on laboratory tests.

天然饮用的Wi-Fi水起源于俄罗斯的心脏地带,即科斯特罗马地区的生态清洁地区。泉的独特之处在于,由于在地下水源的曝气区中发生的大气水渗透,水自然被氧气饱和。 在重力的作用下,富氧的水通过岩石层进入地下水的含水层,并通过弹簧到达地表。 这个产品在俄罗斯没有类似物,因为在其他地区产生的氧气被人为地充满了氧气。

Wi-Fi水的自然氧含量增加(16-20 mg / l),超过自流水中氧含量的4-5倍,这一点已根据实验室测试的结论得到证实